Our Facilities

world class facilities


Cranbourne is a very relaxed environment which offers state of the art training facilities which are evolving constantly. Not only do we have the use of trails, hills and swimming pools but a wide range of tracks.

Course Proper – 2400 metres – 27 metres wide

Inside Grass – 2150 metres – 26 metres wide

Viscoride Track – 1900 metres – 12 metres wide

Slow Sand Track (x2) – 1400 metres – 13 metres wide

Fast Sand Track – 2020 metres – 15 metres wide

Quality Care & Education


The Cranbourne Training Centre serves as a premier provincial training facility that offers a more relaxed training environment as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the built up inner city tracks. Whilst also affording horses facilities that meet and/or exceed metropolitan standards. The variety of tracks, surfaces and different aids (treadmill, walker, pools etc…) allows us to tailor individual training preparations to each horse.

world class training and racing infrastructure


The AGR Racing Team can provide world class training and racing infrastructure at the Cranbourne Training Complex  through the use of:


Revolutionary in recovery and injury prevention